How It Works?

Patented Clikfit® technology with 5 digital tuning algorithms to enhance & protect hearing. Call 1-888-382-9327 to order

Active Electronic Hearing Protection


Clik Shooters® are designed to amplify quiet sounds while simultaneously reducing noise from gun shots to a safe level. Employing highly advanced digital tuning algorithms, Clik Shooters actively enhance environmental sounds, as well as speech, giving users an added advantage in the field and at the range.

With Clik Shooters, the user can now hear game in the distance and speech, however gunshots are instantaneously reduced to a safe level. The patented technology allows the user to select which acoustic algorithm provides best listening.

"If you are struggling to hear in the woods or on the range, Clik Shooters allows you to hear even the faintest sounds. "
Aaron - Avid Hunter
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